Here is a list of our most recent 15 grants.

You can view the most recent reports for each project on the respective project page.

Planting Change Foundation
Central America

“Seeds of Education” will build youth and public participation to protect and restore Nicaragua’s Lake Cocibolca. The lake is a critical freshwater source for local communities and is vulnerable to exploitation and pollution. By training educators on water governance and research, we will build the next generation of civic participants. Research will be shared with the public through art and cultural activities. Equipped with knowledge of water governance and water quality, youth and community members will be able to play active roles in protecting and restoring Lake Cocibolca for years to come. 

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara
Economic Development

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara forges partnerships with rural and nomadic peoples in Niger to enable enduring and relevant livelihoods. Through collaboration, we build environmentally and economically sustainable food and water systems to alleviate hunger. The Foundation’s support provides the infrastructure for reliable water and food, such as wells and irrigated gardens. Training in sustainable agriculture enables nearly year-round harvests while training in business practices maximizes profits. Finally, a network of rural and urban women creates access to regional markets and generates more stable incomes.

Land Institute
North America

The Land Institute co-leads a global movement for a perennial, diverse, truly regenerative agriculture at a scale that matches the enormity of the intertwined climate, water, and food security crises. Our civic science program brings our researchers and public participants together to breed and scale-up the development of perennial grain crops across a broad, diverse set of ecological conditions and cultural contexts. Citizen scientists are carrying out multi-location testing over several growing seasons, engaging in hands-on research to transform agriculture, perennially. 

Illusion Theater

Illusion requests $10,000 to support a workshop, videotaping and live tour of a culturally-specific suicide prevention program for the Native American community, KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE – a collaboration between Illusion Theater, Native middle school students and the Ikidowin youth performance team of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) and the Ogitchdakwe (a group of Native grandmothers). Created with the help of experts from inside and outside the Native community, this powerful, culturally specific program features the wisdom of the Elders and the passion of the youth.

Z Puppets Rosenschnoz

Z Puppets Rosenschnoz of Minneapolis will collaborate with Cherokee language educators in Oklahoma to develop and produce Noquisi Dagsi (ᏃᏈᏏ ᏓᎦᏏ) Star Turtle, a family-friendly web series engaging audiences in Cherokee language at a critical time for endangered Indigenous languages. 

Star Turtle will follow the time-traveling adventures of Turtle and Wabbit on a quest to save Grandmother Turtle. Each episode will integrate Cherokee language, history and culture into imagining a vibrant Cherokee future.

Maasai Water Project

Limited access to basic education and resulting disenfranchisement from decision-making bodies are the greatest threats to the natural environment, local culture, and economic empowerment of indigenous Maasai people in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) in Tanzania. Maasai Water Project (MWP) works with local leaders to provide access to education while respecting the Maasai’s unique culture and settlement geography. Traditional Maasai construction methods and materials are used to erect Small Boma Schools (SBSs) to provide safe, sustainable access to preschool, kindergarten, and adult education.