Here is a list of our most recent 15 grants.

You can view the most recent reports for each project on the respective project page.

Friends of the Mississippi

Friends of the Mississippi River believes that the river belongs to us all. Not only is it a global and local natural treasure, it is also a fulcrum for health, wealth, and opportunity. Access to these assets should be equitable. Through this project, FMR is striving to reduce structural, social, and economic barriers between – and improve connections to – north Minneapolis neighborhoods and the Mississippi River.

Jamaica Environment Trust
North America

Better Beaches for Jamaicans (BBFJ) Phase II will build on the work of phase I aimed at improving the management and ecological health of Jamaican public beaches. Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) will conduct a survey to assess the status of 85 public beaches and will expand the Big Up Wi Beach social media network into a broader public education campaign on beaches. JET will expand its training programme on beach access rights and conservation to five new community managed beaches. JET will amplify advocacy efforts for a coherent and comprehensive policy framework for Jamaican beaches

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas

The present proposal corresponds to Phase II of the project named above. Phase I was generously supported by the IAP. It consisted of writing and revising the book manuscript. In the current phase the book will be transformed from manuscript to finished publication. This includes the review process by independent referees, final editing, graphic art selection, layout design, printing, and distribution to the Jotï communities. In addition, a condensed, Spanish-English Language digital version of the book will be prepared. This phase is contemplated to last 12 months.

Upstream Arts
North America

Upstream Arts will carry out its Art of Community programs and trainings in 2017 and 2018, in partnership with Midwest Special Services, a disability service provider.  The Art of Community will use a creative arts based approach to preparing individually and as a community for imminent, significant changes in disability service provision and the cultural and attitudinal shifts that this requires of both individuals with and without disabilities to build truly inclusive communities. Programs and trainings will impact more than 500 individuals of all abilities.


GirlTrek, a national nonprofit and health movement that has inspired tens of thousands of African-American women and girls to lead more active lives and make meaningful, long-term commitments to their health is launching a city expansion in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Through an innovative walking program, grassroots organizing and leadership training for local volunteers, GirlTrek will inspire a walking revolution that improves the total health of African-American families and communities in the Twin Cities. 

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
Economic Development

 Since 2010, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership’s reforestation efforts have planted nearly 900,000 trees, representing over 100 endemic tree species in Kianjavato, southeastern Madagascar. As part of a pilot project, we aim to augment the commercial crop or non-timber tier of the reforestation program by focusing on six commercial crops, Lychee, Bamboo, Coffee, Cocoa, Ravensara, and Cannelle. By creating local entrepreneur opportunities linked to ecotourism, we intend to create an economically balanced and sustainable program.