The mission of the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation is to fund innovative projects that foster connections between individuals, communities, the environment and the world at large. The foundation funds in a broad range of focus areas and is most interested in projects that require and/or inspire those directly benefiting from the project to give back to their communities both during the project and into the future. The Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation was founded in 1996. In its first ten years the foundation has distributed approximately $1.1M in grant awards. Our smallest grant awarded to date is $375 and our largest to date is $90,000. Our favorite grant or organization…?... We’ll never tell. The Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation board has grown over the years from three to seven dedicated members all of whom meet our favorite board qualifications of being smart and very funny. Although we take the mission of the Foundation and the review of proposals very seriously we still have a lot of fun. To date the Foundation has made grants in 9 states and 15 countries to 110 separate organizations.