Here is a list of our most recent 15 grants.

You can view the most recent reports for each project on the respective project page.

Illinois Peoples Action

Illinois People’s Action--leading with environmental justice in climate solutions project--engages in a multi-faceted, regional grassroots campaign on protecting the environment in the transition from dirty energy to renewables, including safe water.  Our campaign focuses on building a movement of everyday people, especially People of Color in small urban and rural faith communities, to strategically engage state decision-makers on people and planet-based solutions that not only benefit Illinois but the nation.

Congo (Democratic Republic)

DRC, in the heart of Africa, is rich in natural resources but has many problems with mining companies that flaunt human rights and pollute and devastate the environment. The mining industry’s failure to take precautionary measures is the root of much abuse faced by residents. CODED proposes to strengthen the rule of law and protect communities and the environment by empowering community leaders to challenge human rights violations, defend the environment, and save lives.

Illusion Theater

EVERYTHING IS A CIRCLE (EIAC) is a program dedicated to lifting the veil of secrecy around sexual violence, abuse & trafficking in the Native community. Developed with – & presented by – members of the Native Community to benefit the Native community (i.e. people helping themselves). This community-based program helps people learn ways to protect their children & loved ones from sexual abuse & violence, and assists victims in finding resources for healing. Funding enables Illusion & its community partners to continue touring EISC to Native communities throughout the Twin Cities & MN.

Crow River Trail Guards
North America

The Trail Guards have a mission of enhancing the lives of youth through outdoor adventure, stewardship, personal challenge, and community service.  Funds received will be used to reward our kids for helping to maintain a 12 acres nature park on the out skirts of town in Paynesville, MN.  They will be able to particpate in whitewater rafting adventures; canoe trips to the BWCA and Everglades National Park; bicycle trips to Argentina, Norway, and Canada, and many other smaller adventures closer to home.  We do this at no cost to the kids or their families.

Upstream Arts

In 2019 and 2020, Upstream Arts will partner with four public school districts to carry out The Art of Transition, arts-based programming and trainings designed to advance inclusion for young adults with disabilities who are transitioning from K-12 education to adult life. The Art of Transition will use a creative, interactive approach to preparing individuals for the employment sector, and for community inclusion, with the imminent, significant changes on the horizon for disability service provision due to recent legislative changes.


The proposed project seeks to safeguard communities in Kyotera and Rakai districts against environmental degradation from activities of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) to carry crude oil from Hoima in Western Uganda to Port Tanga in Tanzania. The one year project seeks USD 50,000= to equip communities in the mentioned districts with environmental,social and land rights knowledge and skills to monitor EACOP developments,tap into opportunities in the industry and effectively participate in decision making processes for improved livelihoods and natural resource governance.