IAP Foundation awards grants range between $1,000 and $30,000 per year. Grants can be between one and five years in length. No organization will be funded for more than five consecutive years whether as a single grant or combination of grants. Organizations may apply by invitation only.

Organizations are selected for an invitation to apply from nominations put forward by our group of super secret nominators. Please understand this is truly an independent invitation only system. Contacting board members to ask how your organization can be nominated will neither get you a nomination nor endear you to anyone.

The Board selects 8 to 10 organizations annually from our list of nominated organizations to be invited to apply. Once an organization is invited to apply they will receive a login to our application portal where they can apply online.

IAP does not provide funding for: Endowments, Scholarships, Fundraising events or activities, social events, goodwill advertising or marketing, Lobbying, political, fraternal, athletic, social or veterans organizations, Religious programs, Individuals, or Ordinary School Funding (i.e., normal curriculum, classroom or administrative expenses).

What IAP does look for are Innovation, Inspiration, Effectiveness, Programs that foster connections between communities and individuals, Organizations willing to form partnerships with others to accomplish their goals and Programs and projects that inspire, require, and enable people to give back to their communities as much, or more, than they have received from the project. We refer to this as the “give and receive”.